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Yearly Archives: 2014

New song bout suicide out now

You Broke My Mind from Raph Shirley on Myspace. xxx

Bedtime Story

Sweet dreams,

Album 2: Best Of out now

Second album. Collection of early live songs. On MySpace now. CD available for Christmas. Best Of from Raph Shirley on Myspace. Love xoxo

Raph Shirley ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Fuck it mate,


Acting masterclass

Yours truly,

100 jokes

A selection of jokes from the last 100 years. Best yeah,

The First Sex

Little weblogvid’ about goin’ out to see my mate Chris Lighthouse. Regards,

The Raph Shirley CENSORED! Project (RSCP)

I have always been a great campaigner for CENSORED!. That is why I have decided to start producing it. CENSORED! Yours faithfully,

In The Finest Literary Tradition (ITFLT) vid’

Fellowcentric Album Out Now

My debut album is hitting the shops today. Buy it here. Here are the promo photos: Figure 1. CD front cover. Figure 2. CD booklet inside. Figure 1. CD back. Regards,

The 6 physics undergraduates that you will find inconsistent with trite generalisations

We are all familiar with the popular opinion regarding traits in common to college physics majors! Let us take you through the six types that might not be in line with those ideas! 1. The Australian Feminist whose Mum is Dead. You don’t know what I’m talking about! She spends the evenings doing unremarkable college […]

Song Ideas

Don’t know if this stuff is good enough to go on my first album. Think I might make them into B sides: Best,

Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes

In which I introduce a new theory of comic modes that I call the tendentious imperative. Video 1. Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes. Figure 1. The tendentious imperative (a pornographic image in ink). Song 1. Bonus Song. All love,

I’ve Come to Dismantle Your Family in E blues

Hey Guys! Great track for a Friday night guys! Really pushing my guitar to the limit on this one. You’d never guess I recorded it on my phone with a 100 quid guitar! Love xxx

Script meeting

– Hi, William! Sit down. – Hi, how are you? – Good. Good. Right. The script. The script! Wow. I love it. – Oh great, I’m so glad to hear that. – I love it. Not everyone does but that’s fine when your writing is this fresh. It’s gonna take a while. How do you […]

An homage to Robbie Williams

best xxx

AquaSplash Dreamin’

A song bout AquaSplash, Hemel Hempstead,UK. Take it easy yeah,

Song for hope

Hey guys, I recorded this song to try to express my heartfelt feelings for the airplane that’s missing. Thanks,

A chance meeting in the House of Commons canteen

Gordon Brown is fumbling with the coffee machine. He stops and stares at the accent in Nescafé for quite literally one minute. – Sorry can I get to the machine says David Cameron. – Oh, yeah. Oh, how’s it going? – Oh hi, yeah great thanks. How are you? There is a pause. – Really […]

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

    Words and pictures from Raph Shirley, in humorous weblog form.

    Infecting the internet like so many glimmering tentacles
    ( ).

    He is a fictional character.

    Buy the book!