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The George Golding Professor of Contemporary Thought

Professor Harding pondered the daily problem of finding the end of the toilet roll. Every revolution of the soft pink coloured cylinder revealed nothing to the touch of his arthritic fingers. Quick to anger, he threw it at the wall; it bounced around the room and finally slam dunked its way between his wrinkled thighs […]

Stephen Hawking: prick or dick?

In which I offer a considered reaction to The Grand Design, the latest publication of Prof Stephen Hawking. “We each exist for but a short time…” That ‘but’ along with the other words in the book’s first sentence ensure that by the end of it you already have more than a little stomach acid at […]

Mister Professor A. C. Grayling

Listen! Love from (and Anthony)

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

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    He is a fictional character.

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