This blog will be largely concerned with transhumanism, the beautiful possibility and the pathetic reality. As well as the dispicable possibility and the ‘thank god Raph Shirley doesn’t have any real power’ reality.

If you are worried about me becoming an overlord then don’t. Seriously, I am sitting in my boxer shorts eating a donut. There is literally no chance that any of my ideas will have any practical relevance. A recurring theme in technological prophecy is that reality never lives up to the hype.  Just read some of Marvin Minsky’s quotes for proof of this:

“In three to eight years, we will have a machine with the general intelligence of an average human being….a machine that will be able to read Shakespeare, play office politics and tell a joke. At that point the machine will be able to educate itself at fantastic speed. In a few months it will be at ‘genius’ level, and in a few months after that its powers will be incalculable.” 
Marvin Minsky (1970)

By comparison, this is what we actually have.