The best day of my life ever

I woke up in a state of sexual ecstasy which formed a background to the rest of the day. Then President Obama came in with a champagne breakfast and told me that I had just won the Nobel prizes (Yes, all of them). I looked at my body and realised that it was a sphere covered with mouths and I started to eat the breakfast but I wanted more. So I ordered some of the best of every type of food and ate some in each mouth. Then my mum came in and told me she was really proud and that this meant I was the highest status person ever. Yes this looks like it’s turning into a pretty good day.

I stepped out of my bed and in to a space rocket and flew to the moon where I was giving my acceptance concert. I was doing a rock/classical medley that culminated in an allegorical violin fugue, something about which seemed to proclaim ‘I love it’. I flew in to the centre of the sun and ignited a sensory pleasure explosion that lasted for an infinite amount of time.


I topped it all off with a lovely doughnut.

Welcome to your post-human future.


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