The limits of postmodernism

I reckon this is a really good idea right. Therefore there are three possibilities:

1) I’m wrong it is a stupid idea.

2) I’m right it is good but someone else had it ages ago.

3) I’m right. Praise please.

In the absence of evidence lets assume they are all equally likely. What is the actual idea? Well, lets say that a central aspect of postmodernism is revealing process. i.e. you know there once was a man who wrote a blog by thinking of stuff. He’s called Raph. Hello etc. If that is the case then there is a fundamental limit to the degree to which the process can be revealed. This limit is that specified by Gödel’s incompleteness theorem. You can put a mirror in front of a camera but still can’t see the back of the camera so need another mirror. That mirror then needs another mirror etc. If this is true then another of Gödels achievements will be to rubbish the current aesthetic and intellectual viewpoint. Postmodernists are forced to make their work either incomplete or inconsistent. Ha ha.