Old Hat

So it turns out most of what I’ve written here is totally old hat. Specifically, all this stuff about getting rid of gender and family is pretty hack. Try googling cyborg theory. Although to be honest, I haven’t got a clue what the hell that is.

Anyway, I had quite a good idea today:

Let’s face it, we need to share the burden of propagation. That is still difficult given we are so backward that we still make new people by GROWING THEM INSIDE OUR BODIES! No, no, no. That has to stop. Full stop:’.’.

How about we grow female bodies without brains. Bear with me.

We grow female bodies without brains and then use those bodies to grow new people. That way no one has to go through the humilation of childbirth and we will have taken the first step away from our animal cousins since we started eating with a knife and fork. Or chop sticks. Or hands, although that is sort of like an animal. But they aren’t animals. For god’s sake the last thing I’m saying is that they are animals.

You with me?

One response to “Old Hat”

  1. Might this also destroy all valid arguments for abortion? Nice blog, hope you’re well :) Ben M