In defence of shit blogs

So it seems to me that pretty much all blogs are shit. Certainly, no one is going to read them in the future and think they are any better than very embarrassing.

Consider this blog here. It has an average readership of around 1. My mum tends to read it but she doesn’t tend to enjoy it. Rather, she just thinks it is weird. Well then, why the hell do I do it and aren’t I just wasting everyone’s time.

Well yes that is all “true”. But I reckon it is all right. If I were to insist on only doing things that weren’t shit then I would be forced to commit suicide instantly. Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter in the same way it doesn’t matter that Have I Got News For You is shit. It is all just a big piss against the wall so sit back and relax.

Enjoy the coming century of endless shit dribbling out of the internet and on to your face by putting a smile on it. Blogging is a way of saying that you are willing to live in shit and that is possibly some sort of positive statement.

I hope this will be the start of a new age of optimistic posts.

Have a good week,

4 responses to “In defence of shit blogs”

  1. You’re not wasting everyone’s time if only one person reads your blog… I might read them too and I don’t think I’ll feel as though my time’s been wasted.

  2. Fair point. I’ll only be wasting a small subset of everyone’s time. If this isn’t an ecstatic response from the audience I don’t know what is.

  3. So I was sitting here at work and I though to myself, I wonder if raph has updated his blog. Oh yes he has and just as he was getting down about not being appreciated.
    I appreciate you Raph. In fact I love you, a little too much. xxx