Is science good or shit?

I can’t decide.

Everyone knows the old hack debates about roses looking better to a poet than a scientist or some shit. I’d always written them off but am starting to agree. Who cares what the world is actually like? What has that got to do with me? Genuinely. Stumbled across Blake’s Newton on google images and thought “yeah, he’s right, Newton was a wanker”. Also, they’ve put a copy of it outside The British Library. What exactly are they trying to say with that? They have science books in there but they are simultaneously taking the piss out of it in the forecourt.

Quite a few people go on about how good it is. It’s not that good. I mean at best it’s fine. If they make a terminator I’ll concede it’s good. There’s your challenge science. Come back when you’ve done something other than tell me we live in an unsympathetic universe. Yeah, thanks I really needed to know that.

Tell you what, I’ll work on talking about something I have a fully formed opinion on next time.

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3 responses to “Is science good or shit?”

  1. Raph, fully formed opinions arent necessary. You’ll only make yourself as bad as the others who think they know best. Why not take a sit on the fence opinion with everything like me. That way you can never offend anyone or really lose.. or win for that matter. mmmmm a life of mediocracy.

    In the word of science lets try out some html This should be in capitals thanks to my use of the “” tag .

    Miss you

  2. mmm I see my use of the strong tag worked…. couldn’t remember how to escape my use of This has stopped making sense now. bye bye see you later

  3. Hello again John,

    This is a bit like our own personal ‘chat room’. Thanks for your html tips. For future reference there are a number of informative html tutorials available on the internet.

    Bye bye x x x

    p.s. just looking back at your first comment – quite spectacularly poor use of the html strong tag and quotes.