Internet satirists create hoax news story

Students yesterday produced a fake news item about the recent burqa banning debacle. The twenty year old at the centre of the shocking parody seemed to be showing a gross lack of respect for all parties concerned. News of the blog post went straight to the PM and reverberations have since been felt in the UN and NATO.

Speaking at a meeting set up to debate the full meaning of the piece, David Cameron spoke of being troubled by the author’s ‘deep irony’. This, mixed with an ill-considered liberal viewpoint, made the stinging criticisms in the article particularly potent.

‘We just wanted to really get to the heart of the matter by exposing the idiocy of the media storm’ – Jon, 23. Equivalent French students had responded to a similar debate in earnest. ‘That’s just not the way we do things in England, we like to avoid embarrassment by applying irony so liberally the reader gets lost in a nonsensical whirlwind’. Ambitious.

Reporting live from the internet,