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An apology

I’ve written so much brilliant blogs these days exposing the wrongs of the great (err hello, not so great) and good (err hello, bad). But, I’m like, sometimes I need to step back back and say hold on there, you’re a cool guy with an excellent blog and everything but what about your (my) failings (from their (hypothetical man who is better than me) perspective). Seriously, I do have them! No, but in seriousness there are some things I have done on this blog that would shock you to the very core.

As you will know I was head boy at Eton and the next year the headmaster had to come out to the school gates cos I wouldn’t leave and kept watching it with binoculars and still, like, leaving comments on their website and stuff, and I was like, “can I stay forever” and then it got genuinely embarrassing. I was in floods of tears and I was like ‘nooooo’ and the new first year boys were arriving with their parents. It really was embarrassing.

Well, I’m sorry to say that it was me who last week updated the school wikipedia entry to say that King Henry VI was a stupid idiot and that Anthony Little MA is a stupid idiot. And I’m sorry that it was me too. So, soooo sorry. Bear in mind that I’m thirty now! I left twelve years ago!

For this (‘that’?), I am sorry. I did it because I believe that to be a great man one must somehow be involved with something great even if one doth become but a minor nuisance to said great thing.

I, apologise

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