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Web log entry 100

Welcome to web log post number one hundred! Can you believe it?!

1) First off, a little scene from my week

2) The main body of text

The bulk of this one is a script about Socrates and Rachel of Friends fame. It is partly a sideswipe at the Socratic method and partly a send up of compilation shows.

Do you remember that time when Raph first started blogging?

Yeah, he came in and went ‘Hi’. and then…

Wavy lines then fade to screen shots of the first blog. The style is not yet fully formed.

But what about the time he did that cartoon do you remember?

Yeah, I do.

A snazzy lick on a bass guitar as we fade to a picture of Raph’s first cartoon; a satire on the humorist Ian Hislop.

… but so much has changed since then. His web log has come on in leaps and bounds.

Yeah, but I still don’t get it and it’s still shit.


They both laugh to an emotional music outro.

3) The exciting finale

The most exciting thing has got to be that I’m now in a position to announce that there will be a book released of the blog! Thanks to the vulgar extravagances of our times it is now possible for anybody to publish a zero quality book without the hassle of having to make any effort into making it good. It will be out in time for your Christmas stockings!!!


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