An attempt to provoke a lawsuit for publicity purposes

Dear St James’s Palace,

Please consider suing me for posting the following image. It would be very useful publicity for me. Ideally I could take the Daily Mail approach and feign dissaproval of the original publication and still give my readers the tillation of the thought of a young woman’s breasts. This already commercially viable approach, if muddled with the popular mythology surrounding the tragic death of a mother, has the potential to become a winsome narrative/self fulfilling prophecy and could make us a lot of money, while maintaining adoration levels for your vulgar traditions.

Figure 1. Pwooooaaaar! Please note that I am not the copyright holder for this image. I made the rare decision to post it anyway for purely selfish reasons.

Kind regards,

PS for the manipulation of my google page rank may I politely say “Kate Middleton Kate Windsor duke and duchess of Cambridge topless Wills and Kate Prince William British Royal Family French paparazzi peeping tom”.





7 responses to “An attempt to provoke a lawsuit for publicity purposes”

  1. lpsmooth Avatar

    Why is it that they can sensor kate breast being show but her an her husband are paraded and greeted by HALF NUDE AFRICAN WOMEN. besides the black women have more to show anyway. its ironic they can stand ther in the presence of women baring their breast and thy think nothing of it. but they make such a big fuzz about kate showing her little breast.

  2. me Avatar

    Not that she has Anything to show anyways. I don’t know why she bothered.

    1. Raph Shirley Avatar

      This is exactly the sort of comment I was aiming for.

  3. Lord Spaniels Ears Avatar
    Lord Spaniels Ears


  4. lee Avatar

    is called invasion of privacy thats why they can make a big deal of it Idiot.

  5. WB Avatar

    This is what English called “Hippocrates”. It looks as if they have one rules for British and another for Europeans, Africans or Asians. People living in UK may be obsessed with boobs and think people living all over the world are also obsessed.

    British tabloid news papers started cashing in after they started publishing topless pictures of young girls in Page 3. If they have not objected to topless pictures of young girls aged 18+ (daughters of parents like you and me) published in their tabloid news paper, how can they object to these pictures published in a tabloid news paper in France?

    Its they who thought magazine publishers all over the world about cashing in using nude or topless pictures so they do not have any right to complaint. Its sad, the media hype because of legal action has done more harm than any good to these young couples.

    1. Raph Shirley Avatar

      Hmm starting to feel nervous about the popularity of this post. Am I going to be arrested?