Lessons from a provincial dickhead

I woke up at 1523h and checked my mouse trap. It was missing! I made myself a tea n’ dried milk and ate a couple bags o’ penguins (Buy 1 get 2 free).

Video 1. A lesson about how to act.

I go to get my lunchbox (made sandwich yester’) but what do I see when I peep under the bed but a little mouse with a trap round its conical face. It squeaks and I feel sorry for it so I let it go. It runs straight into my shoe (that explains a lot) and I reset the trap out side of it.

Figure 1. Mouse trap and shoe orientation.

When I get back from my day in the park, the job is finished. I take it out to the trash but on the way I notice it is a different mouse because I can tell by the eyebrows. I feel like that guy in Saving Private Ryan when he lets that German go and then later he kills his friend except not so strongly.

Video 2. A li’l tour o’ my quarters.

Yours with a damp right sock,