Simple harmonic motion

The further I get from Hemel, the sicker I feel. A malicious electronic communication.

Figure 1: Mood against time.

The setting sun put an orange light across the back wall of my bedsit, which I found beautiful in the way a honeymoon waterfall appears to a lonely woman reading a holiday brochure. the aim now was to stay awake for my nightly dose of cartoons and masturbation.

– Hi James? It’s Raph, have you seen the sunset? It is a really good one.

– What are you, Gay or summat?

– No, fuck off.

and I shut the curtains.

Video 1: Overview.

Toby carvery were offering some sort of deal about as appealing as buy one year get two free on e-dates. I sat at my booth and read a book. It was too good for the occasion so I couldn’t pay attention beyond the first sentence, but based on the quotes it had profound things to say about this and that (this being the human condition and that being contemporary culture).

The noise of the motorway was slightly louder than from my bedsit, which cheered me up.

I caught a glimpse of someone in a hotel window across the car park who was also asking which of our lots was the more existentially repulsive.

Video 2: Deleted scenes.

Fare thee well,