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Artificial rant number 154

Figure 1: Self portrait.

Unification is the aim of science. In this weblog, I shall unify a number of troubling matters into a single problem.

  1. Why is child sexuality so terrifying to us?
  2. Why does female face covering offend us so much?
  3. Why is adolescence so upsetting?
  4. Should we hate our parents?
  5. Why are social scientists and stand up comedians so obsessed with sex differences?

What we call innocence is actually pure sexual energy. Adulthood is the containment of this pure energy. It is too frightening to remain free of a master. Misogyny derives from this fear. The human is the animal that cannot accept that it is an animal. We hate animals because they are not ashamed of being animals. Is this because they cannot understand that they are animals? They can look at themselves in the mirror with indifference. Adolescence is the shift in the meaning of the mirror from pure erotic pleasure to shameful hatred of animals. Can you imagine the sexual activity of pre civilised humans? Civilisation is a great catastrophe. It can only end in apocalypse. Jesus knew this and died on the cross for it. His tragedy is that his followers believe the exact opposite of what he was trying to say. He came ‘not in peace but with the sword’.

‘Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth.’ The truth is that he is wearing that motorcycle helmet so that he can rob your garage without being caught. Female face covering is undeniably the product of misogyny but the hatred of it is arguably even more so. Have you seen the comments on YouTube aimed at female expression? That is the purest hatred ever witnessed in human history. Even witch burning was tamed by the undeniable horror of violence. The internet is the outfit of the Ku Klux Klan. Thomas Aquinas didn’t believe in women being educated because they produced these ‘unwanted and grotesque erections in holy men’. I have laid out the origins of the hatred, the only question is with regard to the asymmetry in sexual hatred. I claim that this is a coincidence of physical prowess. Just as the rabbit would eat the lion if it got the chance. So too would women hate men if they had basic violent superiority. This is an argument based on true equality. That the minds of men and women are identical malleable things that mould themselves to the shape of the body. There is no superiority in women, they are as fundamentally ugly and violent. The tragedy of man is to be violently superior. The tragedy of the female praying mantis is to be violently superior. Knowing that this is so does not make you outside of it. You can never escape your shape.

‘War is our way of proving that we don’t always do things for a reason’. Humans are the hypocritical animal. To live a life without hypocrisy is to be a dog. ‘Love is wise and hate is foolish’. ‘Consider only what are the facts’. The so called ‘sexual liberation’ of our parents was their attempt to finally annihilate sexual pleasure. Mick Jagger is the male ideal. He enjoys sexual pleasure. He has removed all sexual pleasure. They have given us a barren landscape to inhabit. They have taken us further from the truth of our animal nature. They have made us more human. We have become the ugliest possible life. The mirror has become the biggest lie of all. The mirror is the centre of propaganda.

The purest aim is to live as if before the emergence of secondary sexual characteristics. Before even the acceptance of the grammar of sex. He, she, it (note order). To live as an active it. To have energy and vitality without sex. This is not an impossibility. It is the ultimate aim. To live as a mind with a true understanding of the falsity of sensory data. To see your true animal self. To see the turth.


Also, don’t you hate it when you go to a shop and they refuse to sell you the display item claiming ‘we have run out’. I can not accept that to ask the attendant to sell it to me would mean so much effort in rebuilding a new one, and possibly losing a sale, that it would be bad for them.

Lots of love,

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