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The Wolf of Wall Street – A Review

There is an old story in Hollywood that a young Martin Scorsese (not THE) approached the camera with two feet in the air and with a wry smile added ‘so maybe I DID work upside down’ deliriously. At which point everyone laughed and the rest, as my old film professor used to joke languidly, was Raging De Nero. That may or mayn’t be how it went down but his latest offering (sacrificial) shows he’s still got an infatuation with the rich and fetishism.

The opening shot of his most present proximate offering gives a heavy Leonardo eat a giant watermelon erotically and morph into a wolf. Gee wizz Martin, we didn’t see that one coming. I decided to meet the ‘italian film maker’ in a little (1 cubic metre) upstate New York coffee shack. I’ve brought him a souvenir from St Martin’s college as an ironicalitude. He sniggers and urinates champagne from his erect bottle into my moist flute. The ironicalized eroticism is not lost on the Academy Award Winner James Cameron whose film Titanic set sail in 1997 implicitly. Unfortunately, I suspect this moving picture with coincident sound WON’T unsink when it hits the icebergman from AlcatraZ wryly.

The rather large press theatre (4 parsecs) shook at the laughter when Leo the Wolf spoke of crime, drug use and prostitution dryly an eyely in the housewifi. Sorry Martin, this reviewer suspects Vertigo, Citizen Kane etc WILLn’t bee given a run for true money. And Psycho anyone?

20% one star etc. No quality is normally distributed etc etc. Cumulative with standard deviations. Democracy! Popular opinion. A man I’ll never meet. A film I’ll never saw.

Safe emotional journeys,

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