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Script meeting

– Hi, William! Sit down.

– Hi, how are you?

– Good. Good. Right. The script. The script! Wow. I love it.

– Oh great, I’m so glad to hear that.

– I love it. Not everyone does but that’s fine when your writing is this fresh. It’s gonna take a while. How do you feel about making a couple of changes? Just… to bring people on board. Like, for instance our questionnaires show people just don’t know what to make of this Hamlet guy. I mean, what a loser. I mean like why does he do all this stuff?

– I hear what you’re saying and I respect it but I do feel I would struggle to rework him without totally changing the character of the piece. I mean I’d have to change the title for a start.

– Ha yes. pause. About the title. My marketing report shows audiences find it a bit hammy to be frank. How about we go with something more kooky. The Great Danish Traj Fest of… no. I Am Dane? Timothy Hamlet’s Danish Nightmare?

– I hear what you’re saying.


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