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The 6 physics undergraduates that you will find inconsistent with trite generalisations

We are all familiar with the popular opinion regarding traits in common to college physics majors! Let us take you through the six types that might not be in line with those ideas!

1. The Australian Feminist whose Mum is Dead.
You don’t know what I’m talking about! She spends the evenings doing unremarkable college activities but retains a minor sadness caused by the premature death of her mother in 2001.

2. The Socially Competent Bland Male.
You don’t know what we’re talking about! He will have a successful career in business and marries his studious approach to work with actually completely median social skills!

3. The Spanish Tall Underweight Football Loving Brunette Incompetent Bitter Rounded Good Egg.

4. The One Who You Fell In Love With.
Everybody? She is beautiful and walked into your world one spring evening on June 24 2012 in Hemel Hempstead, UK.

5. The Misogynist and/or Racist and/or Homophobic Representation.
This one gives you pleasure by containing implicit tendentious statements in the subtext. Eh unlad!

6. The Set of All Objects Outside Those Traditionally Associated with the Group in the Title.

This article was written by a Physics Major. Typical? Topical! Topology.


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