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Raph Shirley: A Portrait of a Provincial Dickhead

Promotional material for my upcoming Edinburgh show has started to come out. Many happy returns,

Video of Edinburgh 2012

Here’s a full HD 1080p digital video of my 2012 Edinburgh show; a memoir shot at a cheeky angle. You may watch this video as many times as you like and you may also ‘like’ it using as many, like, YouTube accounts as you like!

Edinburgh 2012 summary

I got two reviews. One was one star. One was four stars. That pretty much sums up the audience responses. Average star rating was therefore 2.5, half a star down on last year, but I got 2 more stars in total. Yippee! I only need a two star review and a five star one and […]

“Hangin’ Out” unplugged session in F Major

Hello, A little web cam’ vid’: There will be no songs in the show. Thank god! Best wishes for the future, P.S. You may watch this video as many times as you like! *************************** BONUS MATERIAL *************************** Bonus material – Philosophical Investigations Conclusion in unexplainable high definition audio As part of a scheme to promote my forthcoming […]

Edinburgh Preview at 9.30pm on 22 July @ The Hen and Chickens

Hello, Please come to my Edinburgh Preview at 9.30pm on Sunday 22 July at the Hen and Chickens Theatre Bar, Islington. I’d like it if you did. Buy tickets here. Or pay on the night to save £0.75 you cheap skate. If you’re in to Facebook events: Many thanks, *************************** BONUS MATERIAL *************************** Bonus […]

Computer Programmer Extraordinaire

Dear potential friend/enemy, I’m taking a brand new show to the Edinburgh festival again. Do come! *************************** BONUS MATERIAL *************************** Bonus material – Philosophical Investigations Introduction in heart breaking high definition audio As part of a scheme to promote my forthcoming Edinburgh show, I am releasing an audio recording of last year’s show, Philosophical Investigations. I’m releasing […]

Edinburgh DVD on sale now

My 2011 Edinburgh show, Philosophical Investigations, is now available on DVD for the incredible price of 10 pounds. I have made DVD cases out of left over flyers and then burnt a PDF of the script on to an Intenso 4.70 Gb DVD-R disc using the Sonic RecordNow! software on my Toshiba Satellite Pro. I […]

Edinburgh 2011 summary

The 2011 smash flop, Philosophical Investigations, has today come to an end. Figure 1. Conventional cameras can not capture the sublime performance of Raph Shirley. The show of which The Telegraph said nothing at all, the show nominated for under 1 awards, the five star masterpiece (five one star reviews from audience comment website […]

Edinburgh preview on 13th July 2011

Hello good people, I am doing a preview of my Edinburgh show, Philosophical Investigations, at The Invisible Dot in Camden, London. 13 July 2011 8pm The show is free of cost You can email to reserve a seat. Your humble jester, Venue details: Show details:

The campaign

After months of art directors and copywriters, secretaries and assistants, marketing executives and what have you (all of whom played by me) the advertisng campaign is finally here. In the end we decided to skip the TV spots and billboards and go with just flyers and word of mouth in the end. Cheers,

Philosophical Investigations

A MESSAGE FROM RAPH Dear friends and/or enemies etc, There is a NEWS FLASH. I am taking a show to Edinburgh. I, as in live, a.k.a. Raph Shirley. It is called Philosophical Investigations and will be on at Rush bar every day at 3pm, 6-27 August inclusive. Come. There is also a brand new/completely-professional-looking […]

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

    Words and pictures from Raph Shirley, in humorous weblog form.

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    He is a fictional character.

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