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The Raph Shirley CENSORED! Project (RSCP)

I have always been a great campaigner for CENSORED!. That is why I have decided to start producing it. CENSORED! Yours faithfully,

A parody of 50 Shades of Grey by replacing Grey with Brown

Before we begin, may I politely remind you that my Edinburgh Fringe show, Computer Programmer Extraordinaire, opens tomorrow of all days! 16:45, at Globe Bar, Niddry St, 4-25 August (not 14), Free. Warning: this post contains scenes of a deeply pretentious and pompous nature. 50 Shades of Grey has successfully duped the last major group […]

An unfortunate question

Now is the time that I must face the gruesome possibility that my undergarments are beyond repair and should be replaced. Download a high-res version of this image here. So many memories. You shielded me from the world, or should I say you shielded the world from me. You enabled me to wear trousers for […]


Oh my gosh, this is simply outrageous! This image is best enjoyed to the sound of fart noises. Please enjoy this image you stupid asshole,

An erotic poem about a Muslim woman

In her, Shapelessness reached an apogee (A sphere). Black sheets, Slipping off of her revealed form (Sexy!) Ultimately, The Wizard of Oz Woz, Disappointing. I thought killing Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf was a lot worse than the fig tree. But actually he was also trying to kill him so maybe fair enough. #notExpertInIslamicCulture

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

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    He is a fictional character.

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