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I know what you’re thinkin’, “You’ve got it all Raph, a blog readership approaching double figures… a website… your health”. Well yeah I guess I do have it all but it’s my fans who really put the icing on the cock cake. Take this delightful little offering from the (slightly simple) little boy Jon Baba:

Thanks Jon, you’re right, me and my website are clever and pretty and cool. You are a very special boy and add a lot to the world. I shan’t be sending an autograph.

I get practically thousands of letters just like this every day.

Keep ’em comin’,

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  1. John Baber's Gravatar John Baber
    Monday, July 5, 2010 at 8:52 am | Permalink

    mmm, Raphy.

    I can’t help but think this Jon chap has a strikingly similar name to me. Now call me paranoid but do you know that it’s me that’s stalking you… I thought by waiting to reply to this that all suspicion will be nullified.

    Has it been?

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