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Is it possible…

… to be into politics and talk about it without being a total dick?

No. Probably not. But that’s not what I’m talking about today. Today, as you probably know, there is a waning gibbous moon. But that’s not what I’m talking about today (when it’s in a waning gibbous phase, the moon rises some hours after sunset and glows like a full moon when it’s near the horizon. But the shape of this moon is less than full).

No. What really makes today the day of all days is that today I will once and for all put to rest the issue of the meaning of life. I wont solve it, just put it to rest for a bit. Are you still here? If so you have just put up with three false starts. Either you really have very little to be getting on with or you have a misplaced hope that something mildly amusing may be on the horizon.


More blogging on the way soon,

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  1. Monday, September 27, 2010 at 10:46 pm | Permalink

    Oi Raph,
    How do you get that little twitter bar on your blog? I want one of those.
    Also, does it just come in plum? Or are there other colours available also?

    Many thanks.

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