May, in Absence of Further Evidence, be a Necessary Evil Since it Self-Evidenty Embodies a Most Egregious and Offensive Arrogance.

Written in the Year 2011

DON’T THINK I DON’T CONSIDER THE DANGER in speaking against the commonly held adoration for it. Trust that I have considered all consequences and yet continue to hold my beliefs. I ask you to bring to the fore of your headmatter remembrances of any of your beermates that might endeaver to swing the earthe bout themselves with an invisible gravitether. I propose that you know no such vagamate. I further submit that no other of the manifold stars in our sky does demand so much attention as our nuisance own, which considers no harm in dictating our each and every day and of creating a sometimes rather hot sensation ‘pon the coverskin.

Further consider the centuries in which it mocked our lack of understanding of nuclear power. Excreting its vulgar rays into our servile faces as if to decree ‘u don’t understand me silly devilbeasts’. Like a hideous flabby father of forty year, rinsing its weakling son at the chess board.

And what more that it planted the seed of vaingodly stuff that form the core of our Christfan and Moslem brothers’ astrolgies. That it incited worship at it and mocked our glorious moon, our melancholic friend in the sky; her with more dignity that it not warm the face or inflate the plant. And it is she that offer to plop her icy spear into the heart of that yellow spherijerk and annihilate its flame to let us bath in the starry night on straight path through eternity.

Let the ice spear eclipse the hot death o’ hell in perpetuity o’er the five day week.

Largely a plagiary of Swift.