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Human beings deserve respect. Ideas deserve nothing but criticism. Luv,

The fantastic state of the UK Labour Party

In which I aim to convince you, dear reader, that the title contains not the slightest hint of irony. Let us cast our minds back to the series of limp Conservative party leaders that followed Tony Blair’s 1997 landslide; a massive electoral victory only equaled by David Cameron’s recent gargantuan landperturbation that was voted for […]

An absurd but slightly serious suggestion regarding the UK nuclear weapons program

In which I argue for a new possibility which aims to please both those for and against the replacement of Trident. I suggest Trident is not renewed but that we stage its renewal. This will please those for the renewal of Trident because all of their extremely well reasoned game theory based strategy will be […]

Why I am a terrorist sympathiser

I am a terrorist sympathiser because I don’t sympathise with terrorists. I woke up yesterday morning to find my prime minister, an elected MP whose job is to defend my interests, had privately but in effect publicly described me as a terrorist sypathiser. I am a hard-core Dawkinsian athiest. I am not only anti-Islamist like […]




The world of should takes a lot of energy to inhabit. In comparison the world of is can seem like palatial comfort. To fully embody should you first have to build something to increase. When you have completed the simple task of finding the universal measure of good the shoulds can flow freely. This should […]

Argument Ad Hypocrisy: the spell of Christ

There is a particular brand of right wing journalism which takes voyeuristic joy in portraying acts of hypocrisy. Consider the following from Toby Young’s latest Daily Mail column: “I hesitate to criticise my father, whom I loved dearly, but his commitment to equality didn’t extend to his choice of motorcar — a vintage Bentley.” In […]

Singing the National Anthem and inserting your penis in the mouth of a dead pig are symbolically identical

Allegedly, there exists photographic evidence purporting to show Jeremy Corbyn failing to insert his penis into the mouth of a dead pig at an event which he did not attend. It is well established that every great established organisation must have an obscene symbolic opposite which simultaneously establishes the value of the said organisation and […]

Internet comedy video




I Used to Work at Nike

An answer to the question ‘what do you do?’. I used to work at #Nike

Micro Stand Up Session 4: A General Theory of Birthday Cards

Peace and love,

Self Reference in a Graph Representation of Knowledge

Just an idea. Do the Semantic Web frameworks allow for shit like Physical World contains Mental World contains Plato’s World of Ideals contains Physical World etc?

New form of income tax

This would allow arbitrarily setting minimum income, final linear rate, and possible early negative income tax rate to encourage employment. Best,

Long Term Economic Plan (cover)

Long term economic plan,

Micro Stand Up Session 3: Lemon Power

Love x

Putting the I in AI

I want to offer a series of thoughts on the problem of artificial intelligence. The key idea I want to discuss is that philosophy offers the only hope for making progress in AI. In particular, a full development of AI is impossible so long as we don’t understand what an ‘I’ is. There is a […]

A theory concerning the eradication of poverty

I hate the poor. The uncouth uneducated unsophisticated smelly poor. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the only people I hate more than those people with less money than me are those with more, and especially those with the same (current account = £1226.23). I will deal with the latter two groups […]

Some notes on Dirty Dancing

There are two types of music in Dirty Dancing. The diegetic music is from the era in which the film is set; the sixties, and the non-diegetic music is from the era in which the film is made; the eighties. There is one exception to this. The final dance is to ‘I Had the Time […]

Micro stand up session two

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

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