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Education: indoctrination or emancipation?

Every sentence in this article should be appended with ‘, man’.

“Most schooling is training in stupidity and conformity”

Have you heard about the horse who could count? His friend would say to him ‘three plus five’ and then tap on the horse until the horse neighed. The horse learnt to neigh at the right number of taps every time. Eventually it was revealed as a scam, the horse could only perform the trick with his ‘best friend’ and it became apparent that the friend was giving some subtle clue at the right number that made the horse neigh. The reason I bring this up is that the friend didn’t actually realise he was doing this. This is the method by which I claim the infant absorbs The Ontology!

The evidence! Oh evidence, my old friend. I love evidence. It is so great. Consider the following evidence: ‘my sons were so much more male that my daughters, it just goes to show’. Leaving aside the principal conclusion that the speaker is obviously a male, lets consider the evidence! I have instituted a rule in my house that I paint all males blue. You will see that males are disproportionately blue. Therefore males are naturally blue. Ergo, we must paint all boys blue (e.g. Iggle Piggle). Obviously the true structure of the symbolic order is quite different because while we have the power to not paint children we lack the language to express un-he-ing. The language has settled in to a very fine set of self consistent grammars and that. The social construct is far harder to destroy than mere biology.

An experiment among Chinese women given infants of both sexes, but told the incorrect sex 50% of the time and unanimously overfed the ones they were told were male regardless of actual sex giving the reason ‘he was more hungry’. Call me it please.

How to escape the inherent structures within language in a means that can be expressed with language?

Being the filthy recipient of a very fine indoctrination I believe education to be highest form of emancipation. The contradiction of a thorough education can be summed up ‘a well educated child should have within them the capacity to overthrow the education’. How can this be instilled without first brutally enforcing obedience. And from that obedience how can disobedience spring? Each stage of education tends to end with an examination which should furnish you with a piece of paper with one of two messages, either ‘fuck off and be a slave idiot’ or ‘congratulations, you are an obedient slave and may remain’. Eventually this process is complete and one group remains who have been wholly failed by the education system: professors. These poor saps are so obedient that they are now given the task of actually doing something in the realm of the mental, by which time they have been so mutilated of all creativity and free thought that they must be retained at state expense like lobotomised giraffes in fancy petting zoo. Unlike people on the dole these intellectuals provide no social use and, because they cost more to shut up than those who were first thrown out of education, they are a huge drain on the country. They are the embarrassing uncle of British public life. The difference between a benefit street type and a public intellectual is that the latter can write an annoying five page essay justifying their pocket money.

The most obedient people are the engineers. Trained to apply current scientific understanding to useful projects these strange automata are celebrated by the governments of the world as STEM graduates. The ultimate in unthinking slaves. We need these slaves for such crucial activities as getting across rivers, increasing economic productivity and furnishing us with the requirements of a happy life. That last sentence was genuinely sarcastic.

If there is one thing worse than the STEM graduate it is the Arts and Humanities graduate. These are the slaves who know they are slaves. They engage in such useful activities as bringing the social order to task, helping organisations to get their message across and expressing the impotent rage of the slaves. Again, genuinely.

Comedy, as the means for amusing the slave population forms the uttermost conservative medium. The crown of the symbolic order – the pleasure gravity that settles the lines and connections down over the landscape. Ha Ha jobs crap but I’m above it. Ha ha sexually repressed but above it cos laugh at it. Ha ha misery but me separate from it. Ha ha problem of evil. Ha ha every slave can have their own slave in the form of a family. Unha unha. No, unbut seriously.

Still, the crucial thing is to make sure everyone leaves some sort of slave finishing school. Otherwise, how can they play a useful and fulfilling role in their team? The team is full of twats.

It takes a very rigorous and tough training to write with such clarity of purpose as this. Have I deviated from the central thrust of argument once? What is the central thrust of argument? I feel like I’m going to start talking about Jesus again. His own passivity was his act of violence. Simply by absorbing his education consistently he overthrew the whole social order. He allowed humanity to pass from total belief in God to total unbelief in god. The first atheist showed the way to overthrow the ontology. To free yourself from the shackles. To absorb the education and let it dismantle itself. To finish the whole thing and find yourself educated. The ladder pushed over. The contradiction complete.

All the best,

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