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Self Reference in a Graph Representation of Knowledge

Just an idea. Do the Semantic Web frameworks allow for shit like Physical World contains Mental World contains Plato’s World of Ideals contains Physical World etc?

Long Term Economic Plan (cover)

Long term economic plan,

Putting the I in AI

I want to offer a series of thoughts on the problem of artificial intelligence. The key idea I want to discuss is that philosophy offers the only hope for making progress in AI. In particular, a full development of AI is impossible so long as we don’t understand what an ‘I’ is. There is a […]

A theory concerning the eradication of poverty

I hate the poor. The uncouth uneducated unsophisticated smelly poor. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the only people I hate more than those people with less money than me are those with more, and especially those with the same (current account = £1226.23). I will deal with the latter two groups […]

Some notes on Dirty Dancing

There are two types of music in Dirty Dancing. The diegetic music is from the era in which the film is set; the sixties, and the non-diegetic music is from the era in which the film is made; the eighties. There is one exception to this. The final dance is to ‘I Had the Time […]

$100 Noam Chomsky Pack

Why I am not a Russellite (Bertrand)

In which I offer a refutation of Russell’s teapot argument as an expression of weak atheism and proffer in its place the one true Strong Atheism. This is a direct response to Russell’s original essay which can be found here. It has informed a century of British atheists leading all the way to the naive […]

Some notes on the Central Metaphysical Question

In which I offer some physical insights into the difference between a physicalist and an idealist metaphysical approach. One of the most striking aspects of Kant’s Critique to the student of physical sciences is a seeming pre-empting of Einstein’s relativity and other twentieth century advances in theory. In particular I refer to the central thesis […]

The First Sex

Little weblogvid’ about goin’ out to see my mate Chris Lighthouse. Regards,

Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes

In which I introduce a new theory of comic modes that I call the tendentious imperative. Video 1. Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes. Figure 1. The tendentious imperative (a pornographic image in ink). Song 1. Bonus Song. All love,

Critique of Silly Reason

It is bad to be silly. Bad is a criticism. This is a criticism of all silly things including silly reason.

The Wolf of Wall Street – A Review

There is an old story in Hollywood that a young Martin Scorsese (not THE) approached the camera with two feet in the air and with a wry smile added ‘so maybe I DID work upside down’ deliriously. At which point everyone laughed and the rest, as my old film professor used to joke languidly, was […]

Official Promo’ Vid’ Advert for Raph Shirley’s YouTube Channel on YouTube now!

Humbly yours,

The bench opposite Aquasplash

Lets be honest, Hemel Hempstead has some great benches. I’ve often spoken of the one opposite Forbidden Planet on the high street, and the one on Gadebridge park. OK, the second isn’t strictly speaking a bench (it’s a log), but when I fancy a sit down, I ain’t interested in semantics mate. In this work, […]

Claire Thomas publishes an offensive drawing of the Royal baby in the school magazine

– Well, I mean thing is, I wanted to capture the horror of childbirth. I just thought it was an amazing moment because it was where they were just like animals before the propaganda starts. I mean I suppose it goes without saying, I’m a republican. The headmaster was not impressed by this. He shifted […]

Like you

May I recommend the following piece of music to enjoy while reading: open in new window. I recently found out that I have an exceptional IQ. My… I… Q… is… zero*. I was not happy. I took the exam and stuffed it in the mouth of the examiner, which I thought should get me at […]

Philosophical Investigations

I decided to upload my 2011 Edinburgh show Philosophical Investigations. Weirdly, it is some audio recordings I made in my bedsit with photos taken during the live show. My deepest sympathy,

Simple harmonic motion

The further I get from Hemel, the sicker I feel. A malicious electronic communication. Figure 1: Mood against time. The setting sun put an orange light across the back wall of my bedsit, which I found beautiful in the way a honeymoon waterfall appears to a lonely woman reading a holiday brochure. the aim now […]

Thoughts, theories and a description

His hair was as greasy as a Christmas pudding (solid opening line). His hair looked like someone had stuffed a Christmas pudding on a bald man and then carved a bit away from the eyes and then run a fork down the sides to make it more hair like. It really was remarkably like a […]

The stomach of a fifty year old British male

A soft Hovis loafish catastrophe. A white sagging mess with blue accoutrements in the opaque soup of a cold and second-hand bath. “A man should get married, because if he has a good wife he’ll be happy, and if he has a bad one he’ll learn to be philosophical” – Socrates. I wonder what the […]

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

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