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  • A critique of pure falsification

    Falsification is a necessary but not sufficient condition for determining scientific statements. Scientific statements are non-tautological and non-contradictory and falsifiable but the reverse is not universally true. Therefore the concept of falsification is totally insufficient. It does nothing to deal with the problem of induction. Of course scientific statements are falsifiable but that is a […]

  • I, abstract

    Over evolutionary history a given trait may be selected if it increases the chances of its transmission (a tautology at the heart of evolutionary theory (my summary of evolutionary theory is ‘what happens happens and what doesn’t doesn’t’)). As increasingly sophisticated mental processes develop, one might tie all the processes together and create a name […]

  • Why I am a terrorist sympathiser

    I am a terrorist sympathiser because I don’t sympathise with terrorists. I woke up yesterday morning to find my prime minister, an elected MP whose job is to defend my interests, had privately but in effect publicly described me as a terrorist sypathiser. I am a hard-core Dawkinsian athiest. I am not only anti-Islamist like […]

  • Argument Ad Hypocrisy: the spell of Christ

    There is a particular brand of right wing journalism which takes voyeuristic joy in portraying acts of hypocrisy. Consider the following from Toby Young’s latest Daily Mail column: “I hesitate to criticise my father, whom I loved dearly, but his commitment to equality didn’t extend to his choice of motorcar — a vintage Bentley.” In […]

  • Singing the National Anthem and inserting your penis in the mouth of a dead pig are symbolically identical

    Allegedly, there exists photographic evidence purporting to show Jeremy Corbyn failing to insert his penis into the mouth of a dead pig at an event which he did not attend. It is well established that every great established organisation must have an obscene symbolic opposite which simultaneously establishes the value of the said organisation and […]

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  • Micro Stand Up Session 4: A General Theory of Birthday Cards

    Peace and love,

  • Self Reference in a Graph Representation of Knowledge

    Just an idea. Do the Semantic Web frameworks allow for shit like Physical World contains Mental World contains Plato’s World of Ideals contains Physical World etc?

  • Long Term Economic Plan (cover)

    Long term economic plan,

  • Putting the I in AI

    I want to offer a series of thoughts on the problem of artificial intelligence. The key idea I want to discuss is that philosophy offers the only hope for making progress in AI. In particular, a full development of AI is impossible so long as we don’t understand what an ‘I’ is. There is a […]

  • A theory concerning the eradication of poverty

    I hate the poor. The uncouth uneducated unsophisticated smelly poor. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the only people I hate more than those people with less money than me are those with more, and especially those with the same (current account = £1226.23). I will deal with the latter two groups […]

  • Some notes on Dirty Dancing

    There are two types of music in Dirty Dancing. The diegetic music is from the era in which the film is set; the sixties, and the non-diegetic music is from the era in which the film is made; the eighties. There is one exception to this. The final dance is to ‘I Had the Time […]

  • $100 Noam Chomsky Pack

  • Why I am not a Russellite (Bertrand)

    In which I offer a refutation of Russell’s teapot argument as an expression of weak atheism and proffer in its place the one true Strong Atheism. This is a direct response to Russell’s original essay which can be found here. It has informed a century of British atheists leading all the way to the naive […]

  • Some notes on the Central Metaphysical Question

    In which I offer some physical insights into the difference between a physicalist and an idealist metaphysical approach. One of the most striking aspects of Kant’s Critique to the student of physical sciences is a seeming pre-empting of Einstein’s relativity and other twentieth century advances in theory. In particular I refer to the central thesis […]

  • The First Sex

    Little weblogvid’ about goin’ out to see my mate Chris Lighthouse. Regards,

  • Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes

    In which I introduce a new theory of comic modes that I call the tendentious imperative. Video 1. Experiments in Contemporary Comic Modes. Figure 1. The tendentious imperative (a pornographic image in ink). Song 1. Bonus Song. All love,

  • Critique of Silly Reason

    It is bad to be silly. Bad is a criticism. This is a criticism of all silly things including silly reason.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street – A Review

    There is an old story in Hollywood that a young Martin Scorsese (not THE) approached the camera with two feet in the air and with a wry smile added ‘so maybe I DID work upside down’ deliriously. At which point everyone laughed and the rest, as my old film professor used to joke languidly, was […]