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I’ve done a poo and it’s really important

I’ve done a poo and it’s really important. I did a poo and it was really important,

Why I Blog

Exclusive reader offer! Download your free pirate copy of Jessie J’s Absurdist Price Tag pop song here now! Right click. Save as. It’s what she would have wanted. Was that joke worth 99p considering that it is eight months and two days past its sell by date? And now to a discussion of the important […]

Doubting Thomas

The first conspiracy theorist. Cheers,

The Mona Lisa

The Mona Lisa is the best painting in the world. And a great improvement on the earlier pornographic version. It was done by the best painter in the world (Leonardo da Vinci) and the title was written by the best writer in the world (William Shakespeare). And it has been seen by the best people […]

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

    Words and pictures from Raph Shirley, in humorous weblog form.

    Infecting the internet like so many glimmering tentacles
    ( ).

    He is a fictional character.

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