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  • The stomach of a fifty year old British male

    A soft Hovis loafish catastrophe. A white sagging mess with blue accoutrements in the opaque soup of a cold and second-hand bath. “A man should get married, because if he has a good wife he’ll be happy, and if he has a bad one he’ll learn to be philosophical” – Socrates. I wonder what the […]

  • Reflections on the Hubble Deep Field image

    “Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I’m not sure about the former.” – Albert Einstein. Turns out Einstein was better at Physics than jokes. “In awe I watched the waxing moon ride across the zenith of the heavens like an ambered chariot towards the ebon void of infinite space wherein […]

  • The early Shirley (logical foundations of the weblog)

    Life is tough when you’re a white, male, heterosexual, old Etonian like me. My constant struggle against prejudice has, however, yielded philosophical insight. What follows is a translation (from Eton slang) of my [cod] philosophical investigations. Please do not be so intimidated as to think you might not understand this profound exposition of the truth. […]

  • A fair system for toilet use

    My mother, Sharon Shirley, recently made the unreasonable demand that I put the seat down after using the toilet. Here is my response. Allow me to neglect poo-poo for the purposes of a thought experiment. Imagine there are two social groups A and B who require the toilet to be in states A and B […]

  • The banana

    The banana in its sluttish yellow overcoat eyed me from across the hall. The way it draped its slender ripe figure provocatively across that pawn of an apple. The way it affectedly brushed past the orange. Oh that banana had it coming, and don’t let no one tell you different. I pretended I hadn’t noticed. […]

  • Dance

    To some people dancing comes naturally. To me it comes supernaturally. That’s right, fasten your seat belts because this post is about to take a nose dive directly to a more academic style of prose. “I would believe only in a God that knows how to dance.” – Friedrich Nietzsche1 Dancing is typically thought of […]

  • Mister Professor A. C. Grayling

    Listen! Love from (and Anthony)

  • Is science good or shit?

    I can’t decide. Everyone knows the old hack debates about roses looking better to a poet than a scientist or some shit. I’d always written them off but am starting to agree. Who cares what the world is actually like? What has that got to do with me? Genuinely. Stumbled across Blake’s Newton on google […]

  • Gravity

    I’m hoping this will be the first in a series of educational/inspirational videos. Thanks for watching,

  • The limits of postmodernism

    I reckon this is a really good idea right. Therefore there are three possibilities: 1) I’m wrong it is a stupid idea. 2) I’m right it is good but someone else had it ages ago. 3) I’m right. Praise please. In the absence of evidence lets assume they are all equally likely. What is the […]