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May, in Absence of Further Evidence, be a Necessary Evil Since it Self-Evidenty Embodies a Most Egregious and Offensive Arrogance. Written in the Year 2011 DON’T THINK I DON’T CONSIDER THE DANGER in speaking against the commonly held adoration for it. Trust that I have considered all consequences and yet continue to hold my beliefs. […]

Our closest relative

In primitive cultures they believe the sun is a giant ball of ‘gas’ in ‘space’. We know that it is in fact a yellow circle ‘in’ the sky. The savages say that the earth goes around the sun when in actual fact the sun goes across the sky. Literally look out of your window you […]

What’s the hottest part of the sun?

The core. Rupert Murdoch may be a nice guy under it all. Lets be honest, I have no feminist credentials,

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