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Merry Christmas…

… you filthy animal. 1) The past as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of Grey’s. 2) The present as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of de Zurbaran. 3) The future as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of Velazquez. No, but seriously, I wish you all well. Love to all my fellow world citizens, xxx

Galileo you absolute wuss!

Galileo The earth moves. Vatican Say that again and we’ll kill you. Galileo Did I say it does move? I meant it doesn’t. Where do I sign? Socrates took the hemlock, Jesus bore the cross, and Galileo did a runner. I would have stood up for my beliefs like I do with this web log […]

The blogger

in the mind of the blogger with blogger for comparison. Your modest and impressively self-aware friend,

The disgusting nature and exploits of the rose

In which I set forth the vulgar behaviour of the garden rose and ask that we reconsider our love affair with it lest we be dragged into the filth along with. One doesn’t need to invent devils to witness the true horror of the world. One need only look in the garden to see the […]

Man Dog V

Thanks ever so much and sorry very much too,


Oh my gosh, this is simply outrageous! This image is best enjoyed to the sound of fart noises. Please enjoy this image you stupid asshole,

D.A.D. X

Dad And Dangerous. We are all only too familiar with the problem of problem youths being problematic. Well, DAD X couldn’t take it no more. He has therefore gone well and truly berserk. Love from xxx

Steiff ‘Catherine’ royal wedding teddy bear

Please do not order now on 01924 362510 or at Ta,

The whore of Babylon

This isn’t a joke. I’m not sure why it’s here really. I also don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Pretentious? Why blog if not to be self indulgent? Thank you very much,

Cloven hoof

Come on guys, pigs are all right. Always your own most devoted,

A cultural relic

To be fair, why was it your friend in the first place? TB or not TB, that is the question facing agricultural ministers. Cheers,

Doubting Thomas

The first conspiracy theorist. Cheers,

The sinister spectre

Sorry this was a bit slow off the press. I keep meaning to get round to doing one about the wedding of Egbert and Redburga. Good bye,

Rail rage

We’ve all been there. Cheers,

Pumping iron


American Pie 37

Transcript: Things have quietened down a little since Finchy passed. Oh, we still like a joke or two. I sometimes tease Stifler about his mom being a ‘DGGILTK’. That’s a Dead Great Grandmother I’d Like To Kiss. I changed the last word because we’re too old for all that nonsense now and I added the […]

Man dog IV


Killer gran hell

A rollicking rampage of octogenarian revenge, torn flesh, and laser canons. My grandmother was chopping carrots when it happened. By ‘it’ I of course mean the laser razor ray slicing though the ceiling and into her brain. Oh yes, after that things between me and gran started to get a little, how shall we say… […]


Man Dog III

His owner just gets him down sometimes. He just wishes he could talk to someone on the same level for once.

A Portrait of a Provincial Nobody

    Words and pictures from Raph Shirley, in humorous weblog form.

    Infecting the internet like so many glimmering tentacles
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    He is a fictional character.

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