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  • Mappa Mundi

    This is my attempt to schematically layout everything that is the case. Inspired (slightly embarrassingly) by the recent BBC4 documentary about maps. You might say it is slightly ambitious to try to summarise the lot of it. You should see my graphical representation of what is not the case! The middle represents our current position […]

  • In defence of shit blogs

    So it seems to me that pretty much all blogs are shit. Certainly, no one is going to read them in the future and think they are any better than very embarrassing. Consider this blog here. It has an average readership of around 1. My mum tends to read it but she doesn’t tend to […]

  • Petty Gossip

    A rather irreverent sweep at a couple of religious nut jobs.

  • Old Hat

    So it turns out most of what I’ve written here is totally old hat. Specifically, all this stuff about getting rid of gender and family is pretty hack. Try googling cyborg theory. Although to be honest, I haven’t got a clue what the hell that is. Anyway, I had quite a good idea today: Let’s […]

  • The limits of postmodernism

    I reckon this is a really good idea right. Therefore there are three possibilities: 1) I’m wrong it is a stupid idea. 2) I’m right it is good but someone else had it ages ago. 3) I’m right. Praise please. In the absence of evidence lets assume they are all equally likely. What is the […]

  • The best day of my life ever

    I woke up in a state of sexual ecstasy which formed a background to the rest of the day. Then President Obama came in with a champagne breakfast and told me that I had just won the Nobel prizes (Yes, all of them). I looked at my body and realised that it was a sphere […]

  • Ian Hislop

  • Postman Pat

  • If gender goes, is family next in line?

    Family seems pretty cool I guess. Is it really that cool and should we keep it if we get rid of gender? Well, I don’t want that f*%#&ing (flipping) state taking care of our kids. After all, taxes are our money! Nah, but seriously is family worth the effort. A robot can love you better than […]

  • Terminator Salvation

    The most striking element of this film is paranoia. It is identical to the race paranoia of Enoch Powell and it means the first robots will be enslaved, humiliated and abused. However, many people have made the point that it is humans who have committed atrocities and that the machines are innocent. This mentality is […]

  • The humiliation of shitting

    Do you watch you shit? Does it make yourself sick? Don’t you hate your flesh? And wish to be rid of it?

  • Transhumanism; a euphemism for eugenics

    In the last five years there emerged a rather crass and quite transparent euphemism for creationism. Intelligent design didn’t fool anyone and simply highlighted its perpetretrators as devious as well as asinine. Is the same true of ‘transhumanism’. The word eugenics is so irrevocably associated with nazi germany that it is easy to see why […]

  • Was Nietzsche a transhumanist?

    Alright. Come on, lets settle this once and for all. I think I am qualified to make this judgement since I have now read the wikipedia pages on both Nietzsche and transhumanism! Basically, probably not. I think he meant something quite different by the ubermensche. I don’t know what since wikipedia didn’t say. Settled.

  • The abolition of sex

    This is my big idea. This is what I’m going on about ALL THE TIME. If you have ever met me you will have heard me go on and on about this. ‘Literally shut up. Shut your mouth. Please.’ is what they say. Basically, I believe that as soon as it is technologically feasible. Sex […]

  • Manifesto

    This blog will be largely concerned with transhumanism, the beautiful possibility and the pathetic reality. As well as the dispicable possibility and the ‘thank god Raph Shirley doesn’t have any real power’ reality. If you are worried about me becoming an overlord then don’t. Seriously, I am sitting in my boxer shorts eating a donut. […]

  • Right, this is it.

    This is for real now. The real deal. BLOGGING! I have nothing to say. yet…