• Man with dog

  • Internet satirists create hoax news story

    Students yesterday produced a fake news item about the recent burqa banning debacle. The twenty year old at the centre of the shocking parody seemed to be showing a gross lack of respect for all parties concerned. News of the blog post went straight to the PM and reverberations have since been felt in the […]

  • Bhagavad Gita

    He might just be a clever guy who has worked hard and done well. But he might just be the evil master of things. You decide,

  • Our closest relative

    In primitive cultures they believe the sun is a giant ball of ‘gas’ in ‘space’. We know that it is in fact a yellow circle ‘in’ the sky. The savages say that the earth goes around the sun when in actual fact the sun goes across the sky. Literally look out of your window you […]

  • Church synod allows Jewish bishops

    The Church of England’s ruling synod has decided that all bishops must be at least 20% Jew, but there are further steps to take before they can be ordained. Despite criticisms that this was ‘almost as stupid as Christianity itself’ mad churchey types everywhere agreed that the current system was anti-Semitic. Rowan Williams remarked ‘if […]

  • Cosmopolitan

    10 signs he’s interested: 1) You are currently having sex. etc… Your body confidence – stripped bare Want to know what men really think? We’ve been getting real guys to confess all. It’s time to get inside the mind of… Hegel. Have a good week,

  • The Labour leadership

    Hello Labourites, It has been well documented of late that Labour did not win the last election. The Labour Party (oxymoron), is now looking for a new leader. I shall be giving a low down on those seeking to lead. David Milliband This man is actually a slug moulded into the shape of a man […]

  • Grand designs

    Dear Grand Designs team, I have designed what I believe to be the perfect house. As you are no doubt aware, this is a significant and historical turning point and I am sure you will be keen to check over the blueprints (above). Please call me ASAP RE getting this show on the road. Also, […]

  • Mister Professor A. C. Grayling

    Listen! Love from (and Anthony)

  • Brown

    Gordon Brown you beautiful man. Oh, I love you yes. But we scorned you so. Now I want you back. You darling. My darling. Brown darling. I want your sex. And your politics too. Oh you. Brown you. Wasn’t he a sweety,

  • Fan mail

    I know what you’re thinkin’, “You’ve got it all Raph, a blog readership approaching double figures… a website… your health”. Well yeah I guess I do have it all but it’s my fans who really put the icing on the cock cake. Take this delightful little offering from the (slightly simple) little boy Jon Baba: […]

  • Disquirrelation

    Animals can be prejudiced too. We will remember them.

  • Robot olympics

    Them robots out to get every one of us. Watch yo’ back they after you too. Seriously, they are a cause for some concern.

  • Jesus et. al.

    A rather risqué look at the current intellectual malaise. I’m basically having a go at offending as many people as I possibly can with this one. That’s right I am showing a wholesale lack of respect for Jesus Christ, Mohammed (first name?), and Richard Dawkins. Alternatively it might just be rather crass and banal. You […]

  • What’s the hottest part of the sun?

    The core. Rupert Murdoch may be a nice guy under it all. Lets be honest, I have no feminist credentials,

  • Is science good or shit?

    I can’t decide. Everyone knows the old hack debates about roses looking better to a poet than a scientist or some shit. I’d always written them off but am starting to agree. Who cares what the world is actually like? What has that got to do with me? Genuinely. Stumbled across Blake’s Newton on google […]

  • George

    George Osborne may be a nice guy under it all. Have a good weekend,

  • The old bastard who went to a sweet shop

    The old bastard really knew how to walk into a sweet shop like a bastard. The misery guts walked in and said ‘I want the lot’. The owner, despite this becoming the best day of business in his life, was upset by this. This misanthropic horror requested that all the sweets be put in a […]

  • Gravity

    I’m hoping this will be the first in a series of educational/inspirational videos. Thanks for watching,

  • Mappa Mundi

    This is my attempt to schematically layout everything that is the case. Inspired (slightly embarrassingly) by the recent BBC4 documentary about maps. You might say it is slightly ambitious to try to summarise the lot of it. You should see my graphical representation of what is not the case! The middle represents our current position […]

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