• Self Reference in a Graph Representation of Knowledge

    Just an idea. Do the Semantic Web frameworks allow for shit like Physical World contains Mental World contains Plato’s World of Ideals contains Physical World etc?

  • New form of income tax

    This would allow arbitrarily setting minimum income, final linear rate, and possible early negative income tax rate to encourage employment. Best,

  • Long Term Economic Plan (cover)

    Long term economic plan,

  • Micro Stand Up Session 3: Lemon Power

    Love x

  • Putting the I in AI

    I want to offer a series of thoughts on the problem of artificial intelligence. The key idea I want to discuss is that philosophy offers the only hope for making progress in AI. In particular, a full development of AI is impossible so long as we don’t understand what an ‘I’ is. There is a […]

  • A theory concerning the eradication of poverty

    I hate the poor. The uncouth uneducated unsophisticated smelly poor. In fact, I’d go so far as to say the only people I hate more than those people with less money than me are those with more, and especially those with the same (current account = £1226.23). I will deal with the latter two groups […]

  • Some notes on Dirty Dancing

    There are two types of music in Dirty Dancing. The diegetic music is from the era in which the film is set; the sixties, and the non-diegetic music is from the era in which the film is made; the eighties. There is one exception to this. The final dance is to ‘I Had the Time […]

  • Micro stand up session two

  • Diamonds (Rhianna cover)

  • Pissing about in fields

  • #JeSuisEd

  • #GoodSatire


  • Royal baby souvenir cartoon £100

  • Avengers: Age of Ultron

    If the Western is essentially about Manifest Destiny then Avengers: Age of Ultron is about the Cold War. It is a post hoc justification for NASA, the H-bomb and Coca-Cola. All aimed at the audience from Robert Downey Jnr’s intensely irritating face. He’s like a little five year old brat who has morphed into the […]

  • $100 Noam Chomsky Pack

  • Why I am not a Russellite (Bertrand)

    In which I offer a refutation of Russell’s teapot argument as an expression of weak atheism and proffer in its place the one true Strong Atheism. This is a direct response to Russell’s original essay which can be found here. It has informed a century of British atheists leading all the way to the naive […]

  • Education: indoctrination or emancipation?

    Every sentence in this article should be appended with ‘, man’. “Most schooling is training in stupidity and conformity” Have you heard about the horse who could count? His friend would say to him ‘three plus five’ and then tap on the horse until the horse neighed. The horse learnt to neigh at the right […]

  • Having Sex

    The difference between you and me, dear reader, is that we are not currently having sex. While that cannot be claimed a perfect definition (of sex), nor even a logical or grammatical sentence, it may suffice a little while. In due course as the full power of my argument is built upon the page, like […]

  • An Argument in Favour of Hypocrisy

    The well known filthy tramp Jesus Christ famously said that ‘Hypocrites suck’ (Mathew 23:3 Raph Shirley’s 2015 translation). Therein lies the first argument in favour of hypocrisy. The Right is obsessed with hypocrisy for the obvious reason that one cannot argue against one’s current behaviour without committing hypocrisy. Slavery cannot end without someone being a […]

  • Some notes on the Central Metaphysical Question

    In which I offer some physical insights into the difference between a physicalist and an idealist metaphysical approach. One of the most striking aspects of Kant’s Critique to the student of physical sciences is a seeming pre-empting of Einstein’s relativity and other twentieth century advances in theory. In particular I refer to the central thesis […]

“Third hand regurgitated Frankfurt School analysis through the lens of misunderstanding. Views not my own. All retweets ironic.”