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  • Buzzard

  • Life on earth

    And in the ancient earth, where empty ground held vacant sky, magic and sorcery gave this nothing a new vanity. Proto-life was born in an inclement world and the day’s order was suffering. The injured rock took more punishment in quantity unbound when animals looked around. And final indignity came in man making a mirror […]

  • Man Dog VII

    To whom it may concern, Sayonara, baby (translation of “Hasta la vista, baby” in Spanish Terminator 2 over-dub), *************************** BONUS MATERIAL *************************** Bonus material – Philosophical Investigations Method Section in devastating high definition audio As part of a scheme to promote my forthcoming Edinburgh show, I am releasing an audio recording of last year’s show, Philosophical Investigations. […]

  • Man dog VI

    Stolen from Joshu’s dog. I plooped the man’s legs up!

  • Prey

    ‘Why is everybody so serious!’

  • A bear at McDonalds

    Just imagine it!

  • Man Dog V

    Thanks ever so much and sorry very much too,

  • Steiff ‘Catherine’ royal wedding teddy bear

    Please do not order now on 01924 362510 or at www.peterjoneschina.com Ta,

  • Cloven hoof

    Come on guys, pigs are all right. Always your own most devoted,

  • A cultural relic

    To be fair, why was it your friend in the first place? TB or not TB, that is the question facing agricultural ministers. Cheers,

  • Man dog IV


  • Creation

    One It was morning time and I needed a shower bad. I realised that I couldn’t remember why I was dirty. Then God rudely came in my bedroom without asking and presented the most splendid tart. There were a load of weird animals like half-zebra/half-worms around. One of them came over to be stroked. Then […]

  • Man Dog III

    His owner just gets him down sometimes. He just wishes he could talk to someone on the same level for once.

  • More man more dog

  • Man with dog

  • Disquirrelation

    Animals can be prejudiced too. We will remember them.