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  • The General Theory of Moral Relativity

    Peace and Love

  • Merry Christmas…

    … you filthy animal. 1) The past as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of Grey’s. 2) The present as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of de Zurbaran. 3) The future as at 1AD Largely a plagiary of Velazquez. No, but seriously, I wish you all well. Love to all my fellow world citizens, xxx

  • Galileo you absolute wuss!

    Galileo The earth moves. Vatican Say that again and we’ll kill you. Galileo Did I say it does move? I meant it doesn’t. Where do I sign? Socrates took the hemlock, Jesus bore the cross, and Galileo did a runner. I would have stood up for my beliefs like I do with this web log […]

  • An erotic poem about a Muslim woman

    In her, Shapelessness reached an apogee (A sphere). Black sheets, Slipping off of her revealed form (Sexy!) Ultimately, The Wizard of Oz Woz, Disappointing. I thought killing Ka’b ibn al-Ashraf was a lot worse than the fig tree. But actually he was also trying to kill him so maybe fair enough. #notExpertInIslamicCulture

  • The whore of Babylon

    This isn’t a joke. I’m not sure why it’s here really. I also don’t know what the hell I’m talking about. Pretentious? Why blog if not to be self indulgent? Thank you very much,

  • Our Lady

    The first family circular. As a lot of you know, 1 has been a tumultuous year for the Christ family. In January, Joseph’s cries of foul play were eventually silenced by An Explanation based around frottage, and things seemed to be on the up. The lack of affordable housing continues to add to our woes […]

  • Doubting Thomas

    The first conspiracy theorist. Cheers,

  • Creation

    One It was morning time and I needed a shower bad. I realised that I couldn’t remember why I was dirty. Then God rudely came in my bedroom without asking and presented the most splendid tart. There were a load of weird animals like half-zebra/half-worms around. One of them came over to be stroked. Then […]

  • Church synod allows Jewish bishops

    The Church of England’s ruling synod has decided that all bishops must be at least 20% Jew, but there are further steps to take before they can be ordained. Despite criticisms that this was ‘almost as stupid as Christianity itself’ mad churchey types everywhere agreed that the current system was anti-Semitic. Rowan Williams remarked ‘if […]

  • Jesus et. al.

    A rather risqué look at the current intellectual malaise. I’m basically having a go at offending as many people as I possibly can with this one. That’s right I am showing a wholesale lack of respect for Jesus Christ, Mohammed (first name?), and Richard Dawkins. Alternatively it might just be rather crass and banal. You […]

  • Petty Gossip

    A rather irreverent sweep at a couple of religious nut jobs.